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  • Xardia

    Archmagus and founder of the Magic Empire of [[KaleshTar|Kalesh-Tar]].

  • Augustus Tessius

    Founder of the [[Imperial Legion]], unifier of the North, and one of the greatest tactical and strategic geniuses in history. Holds the title, [[Imperator]].

  • Graf Drausse I

    The unifier of and founder of [[Vaelaudnia]], who slew the [[Lord of the Undead]] and claimed the title of [[Grand Duke]]. Progenitor of [[Graf Drausse XVII]], current ruler of [[Vaelaudnia]].

  • Graf Drausse XVII

    The current [[Grand Duke]] of [[Vaelaudnia]]. The Grand Duke rarely appears publicly, and grants audience by invitation only. Most matters are handled by the chamberlain.

    Lord of the Undead

    According to Vaelaudnian folklore, the Lord of the Undead was the first [[vampire]]. The story varies according to who is telling it, but most agree that he was once a human warlord who practiced dark magic. By selling his soul to beings of the lower …

  • Ferdinand III

    [[High Cardinal]] of the [[Church of the Holy Seraph]], and supreme commander of the [[Ordained Order of the Inquisition]].

  • Michael

    Michael, [[Arbiter]] of Retribution: Executor of divine law and punisher of the guilty. * Responsible for ensuring that the judgments of the [[Ordained Order of the Inquisition|Inquisition]] are carried out. * Often called "The Executioner" by …

  • Uriel

    Uriel, [[Arbiter]] of Justice: Interpreter of divine law and judge of the accused. * Responsible for hearing those accused and determining their punishment. * The highest authority within the [[Supreme Tribunal]] of the [[Ordained Order of the …

  • Gabriel

    Gabriel, [[Arbiter]] of Virtue: Speaker of divine law and voice of the faithful. * Responsible for communicating with the populace and representing the ideals of the [[Ordained Order of the Inquisition|Inquisition]]. * The only [[Arbiter]] …

  • Raphael

    Raphael, [[Arbiter]] of Vigilance: Watcher of the divine law and apprehender of the accused. * Responsible for discovering enemies of the [[Ordained Order of the Inquisition|Inquisition]] and bringing them into custody. * True identity is a …

  • Volto

    The enigmatic master of the [[Carnevale]], a massive flying ship that travels the Empire bringing annual festivals to each Imperial city. He is only ever seen publicly as during the Bal Masque, and never without his mask.

  • Magdalena Cyril

    The daughter of the highly respected [[vampire]] hunter, [[Nikolai Cyril]], she inherited command of the [[Order of the White Rose]] as the dying wish of her …

  • Nikolai Cyril

    An acclaimed [[vampire]] hunter who commanded the [[Order of the White Rose]] until his death. He was succeeded by his daughter, [[Magdalena Cyril]], who inherited …

  • Alexi Cyril

    Son of [[Nikolai Cyril]] and older brother of [[Magdalena Cyril]]. A member of the [[Order of the White Rose]]. Though the elder of Nikolai's two progeny, command …

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