The Deadlands Chronicle

Session 1 - 4/16/2009

Brian M. – GM
David – Garel-Kai (Earth Genasi Fighter)
Jonathan – Kratos (Human Fighter)
Vic – R. Lee (Human Warlord)
Brian (Jew) – Kronk (Goliath Barbarian)
Steven – Illaria (Elf Ranger)
Ben – Arutha (Human Rogue)

Start: ~12:30am
End: ~3:30am

Barbarian raiders attacked the village, the party began fighting to protect their homes.

Characters were pre-made, so we were able to jump right into the action. We managed to finish the first two encounters without too much difficulty. Some smattering of rules misunderstandings slowed us down, and nobody is really comfortable with their characters yet. I anticipate that this problem should fade quickly as we all get more practice with the system. I also need to get in the habit of rolling initiative and possibly the first 5 attack and damage rolls for the monsters before the session to hasten combat speed. We’re all very pleased with the MapTool utility for running combat encounters.


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