It has been a century since the Profound Disjunction and the fall of the great Magic Empire of Kalesh-Tar. The world, once united by the potent sorcery of the Mage Lords, has fallen into chaos and ruin. With mana no longer flowing through the land, the world itself is dying, even as the scattered vestiges of human civilization struggle to survive. Amidst it all, the borders of the Claimed Lands continue to spread, threatening to swallow the entire continent and bring an end to mankind.

But such adversity breeds strength, and even though the end is uncertain, the free peoples continue striving to rebuild. Through the might of his Imperial Legion, Imperator Augustus Tessius has united the north under his banner. The Church of the Holy Seraph provides solace to the people in these dark times, while the Ordained Order of the Inquisition remains vigilant against any enemies of God. In the south, the Magewrights of Shai’Il continue to perfect the techniques of magitechnology, hoping to recapture the lost arcane knowledge of ages past.

The Deadlands Chronicle